Personal Branding for Adventure Athletes

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personal branding for advenutre athlets

What comes to you mind when you hear the below brand names?

Nike? Monster Energy?  Decathlon?

These brands have tirelessly worked to build an ‘image’ in their users minds. 

But you do not have to be a big corporation to build a brand name. Any professional such as athletes, organisers, and even photographers can implement steps to build a brand name in the adventure sports industry . 

What is personal branding for adventure athletes?

Personal branding is the process of defining and promoting what you stand for as an individual. Your personal brand is a culmination of the experiences, skills and values that describe you, and differentiate you from others.

Building a strong personal brand is not easy, but it’s important on your journey to success.

Benefits of personal branding

For adventure athletes, building an effective personal brand is part of making themselves more appealing to clients.

  1. Improved credibility
  2. Ability to differentiate themselves in a crowded industry 
  3. Better collaborations and partnerships 
  4. Deeper connection with your audience

How to create a personal branding strategy

You’ve already got a brand, whether you’ve defined it or not. People who interact with you on social media and in person, have already built a perception of you.  

However, you can adjust and define your brand in a more methodical way. 

Building a strong personal brand is not easy, but it’s important on your journey to success.

  1. Set goals – Set simple and attainable goals. Decide what you want to be known for and what you have to do to establish your brand identity. 
  2. Audit your existing brand – Compare what you have already done with regard to branding and what you have to start doing based on the goals you have set.
  3. Implementation – Determine how you’re going to execute your goals by posting consistently on social media, blogging, by giving interviews and collaborations.

We spoke with Ajita, who has just launched their athlete sponsorship program, to understand what NthAdventure looks for in an ideal adventure athlete

Brands look for athletes who can be authentic and real. Athletes have to keep upskilling themselves to make their mark. It’s not just about passion anymore, people want to make a difference in their space. However, every athlete whether in a single sport or multi-sport must be true to themselves, focused, align their efforts to what they really want to do. For us it’s never about the number of Social Media followers, but if we have a common objective, the will to work hard, and make an impact in their space. Currently, we are supporting two Adventure Racing teams, and working with them for International representation.

Mistakes that can ruin your personal brand

  1. Alienating customers by speaking about or indulging in controversial subjects 
  2. Confusing customers about who you are and what you can do or offer to your audience 
  3. Publicly venting out personal or professional frustrations
  4. Not sticking to  your brand promise

We hope this article was helpful to you and that find value in implementing a carefully thought-out  personal brand strategy.

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